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About Farrah

Farrah is a professional Stylist and Colorist at Salon Ziba and creates beautiful balayage hairstyles, highlights, and more for her clients every day. When not in the Salon, she enjoys the city she chose as her home: New York. Originally from California, Farrah has found a new love in NYC. The things she loves most about New York? The people, the energy and the nightlife. Farrah knows: It’s all about the blondes! See some of the beautiful blonde styles she created at Salon Ziba and read on to learn about Farrah’s favorite products for hair, the latest hair trends and more!

All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba
All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba
All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba
All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba

Blond Absolu

The brand-new Blond Absolu product line by Kerastase the ultimate dream for blonde lovers. Farrah loves the shampoo, mask, and conditioner that are specially designed to bring out the best of your blonde, but her favorite Blond Absolu product is the Cicaflash Hair Serum. The Serum instantly unifies damaged areas and provides smoothness and lightness for flawless hair. Infused with antioxidants, Farrah is convinced Cicaflash is the perfect blow-dry product for blondes as it protects hair from heat up to 450 °F.

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Spring Trend

Farrah absolutely loves metallic, icy blonde shades and is sure it’s going to be a trend this year! The Kerastase Blond Absolu line is perfect to maintain this cool and bright blonde color. The products neutralize brassiness, strengthen hair fibers, and let you feel confident you’re wearing your best possible blonde!

Farah’s favorite blondes at the GRAMMYS 2019

The Grammy Awards were in February and blonde bombshells were everywhere! For Farrah, it was hard for her to choose one favorite look. Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus were both showing off beautiful, blonde hairstyles. Deciding between their looks isn’t easy for Farrah, as they both have gorgeous, but very different shades of blonde! See for yourself:

All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba

Farrah describes Gaga’s look as “rock’n’roll and fun”. The dark roots and the bright, blonde ends are harmonizing perfectly to create a stunning overall look.

All About Blonde With Farrah, Salon Ziba

Miley’s hair has a warmer blond shade than the cold, icy shade Lady Gaga chose. According to Farrah, the color Miley is showing is more of a classic, golden, Californian blonde.

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If you want to know more about how to maintain or refresh your hair color, book your appointment with Farrah at Salon Ziba NYC! To see more masterpieces created by Farrah, take a look at her Instagram. Farrah and our entire team of professional stylists can’t wait to see you!