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Whether you need an easy updo for short hair, or a formal updo for long hair, this is a hairstyle that involves completely or almost completely arranging hair on top of the head, for example crown braids, buns, ponytails, etc. It involves arranging the hair so that it is pointing up. It can be an easy updo such as a ponytail, but a formal updo is more commonly associated with more elaborate styles intended for special occasions such as a prom or weddings.

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Our team at Ziba includes some professional braiders, we offer a variety of different braid styles and techniques that will give you the confidence in your naturally braided hair. A passion for high-quality hair care and braid styles, plus our years of professional experience, ensures that the health of your hair is maintained. At Salon Ziba you can enjoy our braiding services, enhancing your individual and natural beauty.

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Roller Set

Natural roller sets are the foundation for a great style. Our trained experts can cater roller sets for short hair, and roller sets for long hair, and everything in between. They allow the hair to dry naturally with minimal heat and tension. In addition, this process locks in moisture and seals the cuticle as the hair dries. After the roller set, the possibilities of potential hair styles are endless.

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