Kerastase Fusio Dose

Hair treatment from kerastase for dry damaged hair. Transform the appearance of your hair from over processed hair to healthy shiny hair, with Kerastase Fusio. Precise diffusion on the hair for targeted action. Your damaged hair will look and feel instantly transformed.

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Kerastase Mask Application

Kerastase Hair Mask is a butter-textured mask that deeply penetrates hair to restore strength and boost elasticity. Suitable for extremely damaged hair, and over-processed hair, the kerastase nutritive mask revitalises hair strands and locks in moisture so you can experience silky smooth, hydrated locks. Kerastase hair mask provides needed nutrients to revitalise your hair, repair damaged hair from coloring, fix damaged hair from breakage, or for dry damaged hair treatment.

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Kerastase Extentioniste Treatment

The Extensionist routine is suitable for damaged hair. The Kerastase treatment targets roots, lengths and ends. It stimulates the scalp, then gently detangles lengths, while reinforcing and finally sealing ends for hair that is as full and strong at the tips as it is at the root. Your previously damaged hair is fortified with no split ends, and no breakage. This service is suitable for over processed hair.

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Olaplex Full Treatment

Beautiful hair often comes at a cost, at an expense to your hair. Color, bleach, double processed hair, color correction, highlights, balayage, perm, japanese straighteners, thermal reconditioning, keratin hair treatments, brazilian blowouts, hair extensions, and heat styling. Hair trends are always changing and it seems like we are constantly having surgeries performed on our hair when changing its structure. Therefore, our hair most definitely deserves a treat like Olaplex to help rejuvenate it to a healthier state. Since OLAPLEX is a “bond multiplier”, it will multiply and rebuild those bonds, lessening the damage and leave you with stronger hair, and healthier hair than it would otherwise be.

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Olaplex Within Color Service

Going blonde involves bleach, so blondes are particularly susceptible to brittle, damaged hair, and hair breakage. OLAPLEX will help with that damage/breakage. Plus, because it’s so effective in minimizing damage, your colorist may be able to achieve lighter hair than would otherwise be possible.

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Milbon Nigelle Treatment

Tame and soften unruly, coarse, frizzy hair. Milbon Nigelle treatment is critical care for thermally reconditioned hair. Nigelle ER Shampoo, and Nigelle ER Treatment, work together to repair heat damage hair and lock in moisture that gives hair softness and shine. They even smooth out new growth with a deep conditioner so it’s easy to manage.

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Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment (also known as a Brazilian Blowout) is a revolutionary process that softens, shines and straightens hair. The straightening treatment is gentle enough to be used on children. This is a natural treatment, Keratin is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. The treatment is healthy, it penetrates the hair repairing internal damaged hair, and coats the hair preventing further damaged hair. The results are smooth, silky, shiny, and straight hair.
You will be amazed at how dramatically easy it is to style your hair once you have had your Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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Cezanne Keratin Treatment

The Cezanne Keratin Treatment will last 3-5 months on average. Similar to formaldehyde-based keratin smoothing treatments, the amount of time varies by client hair type, texture and maintenance routine. Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair that lasts for months.

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