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     Everyone and their hair tend to suffer from the looming darkness of the cold, winter months. The real trick to maintaining your hair during these times is with the proper products and proper routines. Salon Ziba has got you and yours covered this holiday season with some premium products from brands like Kerastase and Oribe. Winter weather could cause your hair to dry, and constantly wearing hats could cause hair loss. Read on to learn how to protect your hair and scalp from the cold!

How to Prevent Hair Loss

     More common in the colder months, hair loss can be a huge problem for a lot of us. During the winter, especially, hair loss is most often a result of using too much product or even constantly wearing hats. We certainly would not want to walk around in the cold without a hat, and we absolutely don’t want to dry our hair out by avoiding products! Hair health is going to be a big concern for any avid hat wearer, especially in the winter, so products that will enhance and manage volume over time are the perfect solution. Kerastase’s Densifique line, Shu Muroto by Shu Uemura, or Oribe’s Volume Series are great products all available at our Salon to help manage hair loss. These products help manage hair volume after wearing hats for long periods of time. Stop by the salon to check out our selection!

Winter Hair Loss Tips, Salon Ziba
Winter Hair Loss Tips, Salon Ziba

Protect Your Hair From Winter Weather

     Your hair is still susceptible to damage, even without excessive hat-wearing. The cold winter weather can have lasting negative effects on hair if not managed properly. Cold and dry air, for example, can lift cuticles from the scalp, resulting in significant moisture loss. High winds can also prove dangerous to thick, curly hair, as it becomes more easily tangled. Salon Ziba’s mint shampoo and conditioner are excellent remedies for a healthy scalp. Add it to your daily routine to fortify your cuticles and maintain the proper hair moisture. Scalp treatment scrubs like Kerastase’s purifying scalp scrub will further protect your head and hair from weather damage. Check out our online store or stop by our salon and add these products to your collection before the winter!

     Winter months come with their own set of beauty problems. Be proactive this season and stop by Salon Ziba to get advice on how to protect your hair from the cold! We have a variety of products available online and in store, and our staff is always happy to help find the best products for you! We have a wide variety of treatments and services for you to take advantage of so book your appointment today!