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Within the wide range of hair care products available, you might feel like you’ve already found the right product for you, but let us tell you: this one is essential! Leave-in conditioners are designed to be the third step in your hair care routine, right after washing and conditioning your hair. Unless the traditional conditioner you use in the shower, a leave-in conditioner doesn’t need to be rinsed out and transforms your hair instantly into a softer, shinier version. Read on to get to know more benefits!



The main purpose of leave-in conditioners is to provide deep moisture and keep your locks hydrated throughout the day. High quality products contain ingredients that nourish your locks and soften your strands, while making them more elastic and stronger. Moisturizing your hair is especially important during the winter months, as they have many drying effects on your locks. Keep in mind, when choosing the perfect leave-in conditioner you want to pay close attention to the effects it has on your hair. Water-based conditioners will leave your hair feeling hydrated and soft for longer than oil-based products!


Heat Protection 

Before blow drying or using other hot styling tools, you should always apply a heat protectant to your locks in order to avoid damage. Most leave-in conditioners offer this important heat protectant and provide an extra layer of protection when using heat to style your hair. The deep repairing and moisturizing product will help you keep your locks healthy and fight against frizz and split ends!

Why Use A Leave-In Conditioner?, Salon Ziba

Detangle Knotted Hair

Knotted hair is not only annoying, but can also cause damage and hair loss. With the help of a leave-in conditioner, you’ll be able to detangle your locks way easier and avoid pulling out your hair. Thanks to softening ingredients, even unruly hair becomes smoother and brushable. Besides this, the leave-in conditioner builds up your hair’s fibers and makes it more irresistible to breakage due to knots.


Unruly hair always needs some extra care, especially after showering and before styling. A leave-in conditioner will help you tame your locks and increase the manageability of your hair. It’ll be way easier to style and is even likely to enhance the look you’re going for. Another plus: you can apply the leave-in conditioner again throughout the day to freshen up your hairstyle!


Add Lustre & Glow 

Leave-in conditioners can do wonders for both color treated and natural hair. The conditioners enhance shine and revitalize damaged, dull hair. After using a leave-in conditioner, your hair will be more vibrant and have a special glow. Thanks to the wide range of leave-in conditioners available, there’s definitely a match for you! 


Our Favorites

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