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About Sheila

Sheila has been a member of our Salon Ziba team for 3 years. As a senior generalist in our Midtown salon, she creates beautiful hairstyles day after day. Besides being an expert for cut, color, extensions, and style, Sheila specializes in treating those with Trichotillomania. In 10 years, she’s gained a lot of experience working with clients who have Trichotillomania. She knows exactly how to handle this special disease professionally and can answer all the questions her clients ask. Read on to learn more about Trichotillomania with Sheila and see some of the amazing transformations she achieved for her clients with Trich.

Understanding Trichotillomania with Sheila, Salon Ziba
Understanding Trichotillomania with Sheila, Salon Ziba

What is Trichotillomania?

Sheila explains to us that Trichotillomania is basically a hair-pulling disease. People with this disease have an uncontrollable urge to pull out hair from their eyebrows, scalp, and/or eyelashes. It is a form of an impulse control disorder which causes damage to the hair.

What are the symptoms of Trichotillomania?

According to Sheila, there are different forms and therefore different symptoms. Some of Sheila’s patients play with the ends of their hair, while others pull hair completely out of the scalp. What is the same for every type is the increasing sense of tension before pulling out the hair or when trying to resist pulling.

Understanding Trichotillomania with Sheila, Salon Ziba

How does Trichotillomania affect people’s lives?

Trichotillomania is a disease that is very difficult to live with. Even the most simple things in life can become a challenge when you consider the strong impulsive tendencies Trichotillomania can cause. Besides a strong effect on the mind, Trichotillomania can also have a large effect on physical appearance. Pulling hair can cause bald spots on the scalp which people are afraid to show, affecting their confidence and social life.

Why come to Sheila with Trichotillomania?

Sheila tells us she has been helping people with Trichotillomania for over 10 years. At Salon Ziba, she has a private room in order to make her clients feel as comfortable and safe as possible. As a result of her experience working with people affected by Trich, she noticed that a lot of them don’t like it to be out in the open space of a salon. Many clients who are not aware of the disease may not realize how hard it is for others and stare in an inappropriate way. Sheila is professional, sensitive and understanding with her clients. She knows how to comfort them and would never judge someone for having this disease. All in all, those with Trichotillomania coming to Sheila can be sure to get a treatment that will leave them feeling much better about themselves!

Trichotillomania Treatments

Sheila wants to help people feel confident with their appearance again and uses different methods to do so. In order to cover bald spaces or blend them in, extensions are the perfect solution. If you’re struggling with hair that grows back curly, a Brazilian blowout can help to straighten and smooth the hair in order to create a matching hair structure. For patients with smaller issues, Sheila has some product recommendations. The Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray helps to cover smaller bald spots on the scalp and our own Salon Ziba Whip It Volume Mousse and Plump It Spray help bring volume to thin hair.

Understanding Trichotillomania with Sheila, Salon Ziba
Understanding Trichotillomania with Sheila, Salon Ziba

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Sheila knows having Trichotillomania can be intimidating. She assures Salon Ziba offers a safe space for everyone looking for help. With Sheila, you’ll find a professional and experienced stylist that knows how to handle the hair pulling disease. If you want to learn more about Sheila, read this article in Teenvogue or A Plus, visit her website or browse through her Instagram.