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Having Trichotillomania damages the hair significantly. Many patients have to struggle with thinning hair or even bald spots which affects their appearance and as well their confidence. We at Salon Ziba know, everyone is beautiful and you just need the right hairstyle to see it yourself! Our trichotillomania expert Sheila has worked with people having trich for over 10 years. She gained a lot of experience during this time and knows how to bring back confidence to trichotillomania patients. In a private room, Sheila will find the best, unique solution for you while giving you a professional salon experience. Read on to learn more about the trichotillomania process at Salon Ziba!   Why choose Salon Ziba? We know finding the right salon when having trichotillomania is even more difficult, but also more important, than finding a normal hair salon. Many of Sheila’s clients have had bad experiences in several salons. A big problem is that other clients, and even a huge number of stylists, are not aware of the disease and start acting inappropriately. From staring to asking uncomfortable questions – there are a lot of things that make people affected by trich feel uncomfortable after they took the brave step of visiting a salon. Also, the solutions offered by stylists that don’t know the hair pulling disorder are probably not the best long-term option for you. At Salon Ziba, in order to make our clients more comfortable, we offer a private room. Trichotillomania expert Sheila can answer all the questions you may have about your hair pulling disorder and won’t judge you for having the disease. She knows exactly how to create a hairstyle for you that fits your concerns. Being recommended by TeenVogue, APlus and Allure prove Sheila’s expertise and knowledge!
Trichotillomania Treatment at Salon Ziba, Salon Ziba
Consultation The first step you take is booking a consultation with Sheila at Salon Ziba. You can visit us to book your consultation, give us a call or use our online booking option. In your consultation, you’ll get to know Sheila and talk with her about the wishes you have for your hairstyle. After analyzing and discussing how severe your case is, Sheila will show you the different options for your hair. Together you can talk through several solutions and decide what the next step will be. If you have any questions or concerns don’t be afraid to talk to Sheila!
Treatment at Salon Ziba  If you were happy with your consultation and feel ready to book your actual appointment, it’s time to do so! At your appointment, your dreams will come true and Sheila will style your hair as you agreed in your consultation. Whether you want extensions, a beautiful color, a Brazilian blowout or some amazing highlights as a finish – you’ll be surprised by what Sheila can achieve!