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     Anyone seeking to maintain the softness and shine in their hair is sure to adopt hair oil into their daily care routine. Hair Oil has a multitude of uses and is perfect for all hair types! Read on to learn more about different oils and learn which is best for your hair type!

Dry Hair


There are many reasons for dry hair. Genetics, cheap products, and irregular hair maintenance are just a few examples, but hair oil is a great way to maintain a healthy balance of moisture in the scalp. For this, we would recommend Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo moisture balancing cleanser. This cleanser produces soft, supple hair with the help of a special Neroli essential oil, creating a perfect balance of moisture and oil in the scalp. Check out the product page here for more details! 


Dry hair can also come from heat styling; protective hair oils like  Essence Absolue All-in-Oil hair milk are great to use before styling, then finish with an  Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective hair oil to add shine and moisture to your look!

The Ultimate Hair Oil Guide, Salon Ziba
The Ultimate Hair Oil Guide, Salon Ziba

Curly Hair


Anyone with curly hair will know how hard it is to maintain. Quick to frizz and easily dried out, curly hair can be a nightmare if not properly managed. To prevent further frizz, Shu Uemura’s gentle radiance cleanser in tandem with the cleansing oil conditioner will do the trick. Add some shine with essence absolue nourishing protective hair oil, leaving your hair feeling naturally smooth! IF you have curly hair, you know what it’s like waking up with it; second day hair is no fun for any hair type, especially curly. With Shu Uemura’s Camelia oil infused  Essence Absolue Universal Balm, seamlessly detangle strands and give your hair the nourishment it deserves!

The Ultimate Hair Oil Guide, Salon Ziba

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     We are proud to partner with Shu Uemura and provide our guests with a wide selection of their best products. Hair oil is an essential part of any hair care routine and should definitely be on your radar if it is not already! Check out our online store or stop by either of our Salons, Midtown or Downtown. Our array of Shu Uemura items will blow you away, and our stylists are always happy to point you in the right direction!