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OLAPLEX N°.3 Hair Perfector became an icon on its own, but when N°.0 launched, Olaplex managed to blow my mind all over again. When used together, they provide the most potent bond-building treatment available at home. If your hair is fried from thermal styling or color processing, OPALEX can rebuild it.


On towel-dried wet hair, prime the hair with N°.0, let it sit for ten minutes, then layer N°.3 directly on top for at least another ten minutes. Shampoo and condition out, then style as you usually would. The two work together to rebuild bonds in the hair, making it notably stronger than before.

Tonya Vulaj, Senior Colorist and L’Oreal Ambassador at Salon Ziba Midtown, answers a few questions:

Q: Does the No.3 still work without using the No.0? Or can I use No.0 on its own for a quick treatment?

A: Yes, you can use No.0 and No.3 separately. But No.0 was created to amplify the benefits of No.3. It is the home-grade version of the in-salon Stand Alone Treatment. Although these two treatments stand alone, they are better together.

Q: Will they fight and repair breakage better together?

A: Absolutely, No.0 is a tool to maximize your No.3 Hair Perfector treatment. As a primer, it activates bond rebuilding with its home-grade concentrate of OLAPLEX’s patented formula used in salons. If you’re an OLAPLEX fan, you know about the game-changing No.3. No.3 is a favorite around the globe with a following from salon clients and beauty gurus, to celebrities like Kim Kardashian.


Q: So how exactly does No.0 maximize the benefits of using No.3?

A: No.0 is the home-grade version of the in-salon OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment. It contains an intense amount of the OLAPLEX concentrate and is formulated for non-professionals to intensify their No.3 treatments. What you’re doing by applying it to damp hair,before shampoo, is applying as close to the OLAPLEX concentrate as you can get on a non-professional level. Using this alone activates bond building on a superior level. However, it is purely liquid and will dry out, leaving the product to deactivate. Layering the No.3 on top of No.0 allows it to stay moist and rebuild bonds longer.


 Q: To which of your clients do you recommend this product?

A: As a colorist, clients often ask us to push the limits and create the impossible. At times, new clients come to me in hopes of a miracle, and their hair is near the point of no return due to over-processing,moving from foils to balayage. For these clients, I send them home with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 and tell them they need to finish the bottles before any additional coloring service. Using OLAPLEX at home rebuilds the structure of the hair on a molecular level, creating bonds that will strengthen the hair and prepare it for all the intensities of not only coloring, but brushing, thermal styling, etc.


Q: If a client uses OLAPLEX at home, does it make your job easier?

A: When clients use OLAPLEX in between salon visits, it truly makes a difference! When going lighter and trying to test the limits, you want to ensure clients are helping the process in the time spent away from you (the colorist). I recommend OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 to all of my clients for home treatments, and ask them to finish the bottles before any further lightening.


Olaplex N.0 is now available at Salon Ziba.