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Trying to book an appointment somewhere to fix that post-quarantine hair may be a bit hard considering the amount of people trying to do the same. It is no secret the affect self-isolation and closed salons have made on our ability to maintain our beautiful locks.

As colors begin to fade and natural roots are exposed, the perfect solution to look for is Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray. Oribe is an amazing product to use when you realize your roots should have been done a week (or month) ago. With a quick shake and spray to problem areas, this root touch up spray brings a new meaning to the word revitalize.

Oribe Airbrush Spray uses wherewithal, absorbing dirt and oil to keep your hair looking and feeling refreshed, doing a lot of the work of dry shampoo. This spray will blend seamlessly with your natural shade, covering up any gray hairs or roots that may have gone untouched since the beginning of quarantine as well!

Oribe is one of the very few products that will not leave your roots feeling stiff or your scalp feeling itchy; they are known by many for having such comfortable and fragrant products. 

Make sure you check out our newest line of Oribe products at our store here; Keep your hair looking and feeling fresh until your next visit to Salon Ziba NYC!