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Fall is nearly upon us!  The leaves won’t be the only thing changing colors…it’s the perfect time to switch up your style and get a fresh new color!

Whether you’re a veteran of dye jobs or exploring fun new styles for the first time, it’s important to go over these steps. Learn how to treat colored hair at home and ensure your hair remains vibrant and lustrous for as long as possible.

Color Care Advice, Salon Ziba
Styling by @ilda_kp, Color by @colorbybrenna

Various sources will tell you to wait anywhere from two to four days before shampooing your hair after a fresh color. We think the sweet spot is right in the middle at 72 hours. Long enough for the dye to settle in, but you’ve got to wash your hair eventually!

When you do your first shampoo after the waiting period, go with a specialized sulfate-free color protection shampoo. Kerastase’s Bain Chromatique is one such shampoo (conveniently carried by our salon!). These shampoos have special ingredients to guard against color-draining moisture. Most will also offer UV protection to keep the sun’s rays from dulling your color.

Color Care Advice, Salon Ziba

Hair by @dragan_yc

Stay Cool!

Blow drying your hair might be the quick and easy way to get your morning started, but heat is damaging!  Try to avoid blow drying your hair if at all possible and let your hair naturally air dry. This also means staying away from curling or straightening irons.

If you absolutely must blow dry your hair, try to use the lowest heat setting, or even a cold air setting if your dryer has one.  Heat is the enemy of bright color!

Color Care Advice, Salon Ziba

Hair by @irmacadiz

At Home Treatments

Are you ready to take the next step in taking care of your brand new shine?  At home treatments can be a tad time-consuming, but the benefits are outstanding!  A deep-conditioning treatment should only take about 30 minutes once a week, and will leave your hair not only shinier, but also softer!

A hot oil treatment can also be extremely beneficial to the lifespan of your new color.  This is the one time we’d suggest using a blow dryer – after washing and letting your hair dry naturally, apply the treatment and cover with plastic or a shower cap. Apply heat, let your hair cool naturally, and marvel at the magnificent shine!

Ready for a new color?

We can’t wait to help you achieve a beautiful new look!  

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