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Maintaining your hair throughout the summer doesn’t have to be a chore – combat frizz and dry hair with these products and find out for yourself why summer styling is a blast! Click on any of the products below to view our online shop.

Chic Surf
With texturizing sea salt and purified water, Chic Surf is a spray that you can use on wet or dry hair to create or maintain beachy waves all day!
Our Favorite <br/> Summer Products, Salon Ziba
Texture Edge
Just a small bit of our Texture Edge styling cream is enough to create sculpted looks while leaving your hair pleasant to the touch, not rigid. Texture edge gives your hair all-over texture and dimension for long-lasting hold, and is enriched with botanical extracts to give your hair a natural softness and shine.
Our Favorite <br/> Summer Products, Salon Ziba
Kerastase Extentioniste
Salon Ziba is proud to carry Kerastase – and we’re especially excited about their new line, Extensioniste!  These products are designed to lengthen and strengthen your hair so you can start growing out those luscious summer locks.
Our Favorite <br/> Summer Products, Salon Ziba
Kiwi Shampoo
Utilizing the hair-nourishing superfruit capabilities of the kiwi fruit, our Kiwi Shampoo will leaving you feeling refreshed and your hair feeling weightless and pure.
Our Favorite <br/> Summer Products, Salon Ziba
You can view all these products – and much more! – on our online store.