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We have exciting news! From now on, you won’t just find a wide range of hair care products in our online shop and salons. We’re happy to announce: our own Salon Ziba Hair Brushes are available now!

Find Your Perfect Match

When it comes to finding the perfect style for your hair, having the right hairbrush is essential. Finding the matching hairbrush for your hair type and desired style might seem unnecessary, but it’s actually one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself. Read on to get to know our brand-new styling tools and learn how to highlight your naturally curly hair, detangle unruly hair, or achieve the perfect blow dry. We can promise, after understanding the power of the right hairbrush, you’ll never underestimate it again!
Now Available: Salon Ziba Brushes, Salon Ziba
Our Silver Paddle Brush is the gold standard for all our clients and stylists.

A paddle brush is known for its ability to detangle hair quickly with ease and comfort and is the perfect match for every type of hair. The Salon Ziba Paddle Brush gets the best out of wavy and curly hair, as it detangles hair softly without breaking its natural pattern. It’s also perfect for preparing straight hair for any kind of look. With it’s flat, wide surface this brush allows you to move it through your hair with control in order to achieve incredibly smooth results. The ballpoint epoxy tips ensure your scalp is protected, while at the same time gently massaging it.  A high-quality paddle brush should be a staple of anyone’s beauty collection!

Now Available: Salon Ziba Brushes, Salon Ziba

Round Aluminium Brush

With our ultra lightweight, static free, round aluminium brush, you can achieve a salon-fresh blowout at home! The aluminium barrel heats up while using your blow dryer, speeding up the drying time. With its heat resistant frame and high-quality bristles, durability, strength and frizz prevention are guaranteed. Coming in three different sizes, our round aluminium brush provides the perfect match for every type of hair and every desired style.

Wondering how to choose the right size for your hair’s needs? You should consider the length of your hair, it’s texture, it’s thickness and the size of the curls/waves you want to achieve. In general, all our round brushes are perfect to create volume, body and a smooth natural texture. Brushes with a smaller barrel are perfect to create tighter curls for thin to medium or shorter hairstyles. Brushes with a medium or large barrel are designed to create subtle waves on longer and thicker hair.

Now Available: Salon Ziba Brushes, Salon Ziba

Boar Bristle Brush

Every type of hair can benefit from our Salon Ziba Boar Bristle Brush. The natural boar bristles are gentle on the scalp, smoothen and straighten your hair, and easily glide through your locks without pulling the roots. The natural qualities of the bristles allow for an even distribution of natural oils, support hair growth, and provide condition and shine. In addition, the rubber padding allows the bristles to flow unrestricted, resulting in tangle-free brushing. This is the go-to brush for long hair and extensions!
Now Available: Salon Ziba Brushes, Salon Ziba

Choose Your Perfect Brush

With this kind of variety of professional hair care tools, you’d be hard-pressed not to find one that’s perfect for your unique style of hair. Still not sure which one you should go with? Feel free to give us a call and schedule a consultation! Our team of hair care experts is ready and willing to help you at any time.