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New York Fashion Week 2019 was as brilliant as always! We love how the city becomes the center of fashion, innovation, trends and creativity from all over the world. Designers, stylists, fashion bloggers, celebrities and visitors set the guidelines for upcoming trends and inspire us. After this year’s exciting NYFW, we can’t wait to replicate and build upon the hottest new trends for you. In this article, we’re going to let you know how you can easily create them with the help of our own Salon Ziba styling products!
New York Fashion Week 2019 – The Best Hairstyles, Salon Ziba
Shiny, straight hair 

Our stylist Diego accompanied the model Valentina Ferrer on the NYFW and helped her shine on the runway. This stunning look was created for Diesel. With the help of our own Salon Ziba products, you can achieve Valentina’s gorgeous hairstyle for yourself! The go-to products for this style are our Silver Paddle Brush and the Hydrating Tonic Spray. Use the leave-in mist first to moisturize even the driest  hair and achieve softness, vitality, an incredible shine, and protection before using a flat iron. After finishing the application of the spray, detangle your locks with our paddle brush, straighten your hair with a flat iron and enjoy this beautiful look!

Voluminous, thick, wavy hair

We love this easygoing yet stunning hairstyle! This beautifully voluminous, thick, brushed out curly style was shown at the Eva Yiwei Xu show. Achieving this hairstyle isn’t as hard as it might look! To prepare your hair and already add some extra volume while washing, we recommend using our Volume Shampoo. Dry your hair after washing and create big curls with a curling iron. After curling your hair, use our Boar Bristle Brush to brush your hair and create voluminous waves. If you want to add some extra volume to the roots of your hair, our Dry Cleaner is the perfect match!

New York Fashion Week 2019 – The Best Hairstyles, Salon Ziba
New York Fashion Week 2019 – The Best Hairstyles, Salon Ziba
Sleek Braided Hair 

Braided hair – thanks to its many variations –  is a trend we always see come around to New York Fashion Week, and 2019 was no exception. This creation was shown at the Christian Siriano fashion show. The style is a combination of a sleek ponytail and a basic braid in the lengths and perfect for long hair! If you want to try this look, we recommend using our Texture Edge styling paste. With Texture Edge you can create the sleek look on the roots of your hair as well as adding texture to the braid.

Natural Curly Hair 

Embrace your curly hair! Natural curls are absolutely trending and one of our favorite styles this season. This hairstyle was shown at the Pamella Roland fashion show and can be recreated with the help of our own Salon Ziba products. Whether you prefer using a spray or mousse, you have the choice between our Whip It Volume Mousse and the Plump It Spray. Both of these products help you create volume and body while providing thicker, shinier hair.  For healthy curls that don’t feel stiff or weighed down, this is the way to go.

New York Fashion Week 2019 – The Best Hairstyles, Salon Ziba
New York Fashion Week 2019 – The Best Hairstyles, Salon Ziba
Sleek Ponytail 

This stunning look was created by our Salon Ziba team member Diego. He created this look with the help of our own styling products for model Valentina Ferrer at the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya show. To achieve this almost wet looking style, we recommend using our In Control Gel. Just apply a medium-sized amount of the gel on the top section of your hair and brush your locks back into a sleek ponytail. The gel eliminates flyaways, provides long-lasting hold and creates a shiny style!

Achieve your dream style

You can find all the styling products mentioned in this article in our online shop or our salon locations. Book an appointment with one of our talented stylists and get the best our of your look! Our team is professionally trained to offer you expert advice during a consultation, and will style your hair so you look runway-ready. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!