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If you have blonde hair, you know how hard it can be to manage. Whether sun kissed, highlighted, or fully bleached, you have a daily regimen that is required of you in order to maintain it. Lucky for you, Salon Ziba is a proud provider of top of the line hair care material, including Kérastase’s Serum Cicanuit. This product is all you will need for you night-time hair care ritual. Just apply 1-2 pumps to your dry hair, brush through before you go to sleep and you will wake up with healthier, more hydrated hair! Read on to see how Serum Cicanuit can help strengthen any type of blonde hair!

Blonde hair at any stage requires much more maintenance than other colors; any bleaching of the hair will leave your follicles naked and vulnerable. The fibers are weakened typically by the bleaching process if you are an unnatural blonde, or even through sun damage as blonde hair is much more vulnerable to light. Simple application of Serum Cicanuit before bed will allow for the product to hydrate and strengthen your hair literally overnight, so you wake up the next day with a shade of blonde that looks brand new!

Either enhanced with a balayage or some glosses to correct the color to the right shades, or sometimes using texturizing services like Brazilian Blow Out or Cezanne to control wiry grey hair, a
consultation with a professional before making these changes is always a good solution to avoid surprises. Read on to see how silky shades can inspire fresh looks for the upcoming seasons.

How often should I use it?


The intensity of your blonde hair is a good determinate of how often you should be applying Serum Cicanuit. Dirty blondes or sun kissed blondes would probably want to use this in tandem with their typical hair care routine and limit themselves to using it 2 or 3 nights a week. This will ensure that the hair stays just hydrated enough to sustain that surfer girl look

New Product Alert: Kérastase Cicanuit, Salon Ziba
New Product Alert: Kérastase Cicanuit, Salon Ziba

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde, on the other hand, will require nightly treatment to keep hair hydrated and strong. The process of bleaching to this level of blonde will make your hair much more susceptible to yellowing and will drastically weaken hair fibers. This serum was built to treat this kind of hair abuse. Platinum blonde is an iconic look, goes great with hairstyles like bangs(link to bang blog), and is well worth the process, but making sure your hair stays healthy and strong is the key to pulling this color off; this will not be an issue with daily application of Serum Cicanuit.

Blonde Highlights

If you’re using blonde in a more subtle fashion, like in highlights, using this serum every day is not necessary. Apply this serum 3-4 times a week and target those highlights; this will ensure nourishment, keeping hair fibers strong, and will keep your highlights looking bright and beautiful

New Product Alert: Kérastase Cicanuit, Salon Ziba

Where Can I Buy It?


The life of a blonde can be thrilling, but maintaining that hair takes some work. Kérastase’s specialized serum will keep sensitive and damaged hair hydrated. It is specialized for blonde hair, providing deep UV care for bleached hair and protecting it from oxydation, boosting color for a more intense, shiny color! Check out the collection at our online store and add Serum Cicanuit to your haircare routine for a brighter and better you!