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Each hair type requires a special treatment in order to look as good as possible. We all have  our own favorite product or combination of hair care products that work best for us. Even though finding the perfect hair care routine is a very personal thing, there are some products that everyone should own as part of their beauty collection. One of these must-have products is hair oil. Why? Hair oil is beneficial for every type of hair and can be used in several ways. Read on and learn more about the wonder weapon when it comes to perfect hair! 


Straight Hair

Hair oil is the perfect finish for a sleek look. It does not only increase shine, but also seals your ends in order to avoid frizz. Thanks to its rich texture, hair oil prevents flyaways and keeps your locks straight all day long. No matter if you have thick or thin hair – a nourishing hair oil will bring out the best in your straight hair!

Must Have Product: Hair Oil, Salon Ziba

Curly Hair 

Everyone with curly hair knows how difficult it is to maintain. It ain’t easy to achieve shiny, bouncy curls. Hair oil certainly helps to tame your mane and achieve a beautiful, defined hairstyle. The oil does not only nourish your locks, but also helps detangle it, prevent split ends and strengthens your beautiful hair. Basically, hair oil will help solve all your curly hair problems!

Colored Hair

Do you know how to rejuvenate colored locks and extend its vibrancy? Guess what, hair oil is the answer! Color treated hair often loses its glow and vibrancy over time and is likely to become damaged. Hair oil can help repair this damage and boost your hair’s shine. With the right care, you can significantly extend the time between salon visits and enjoy healthy, nourished locks!

How To Use Hair Oil?

Hair Oil can be used in multiple ways, depending on your hair’s needs. You can use the product on wet or dry hair. For a regular use with the purpose of strengthening, nourishing and repairing your locks, we recommend giving a few drops of oil into your damp hair after washing. If you use hot styling tools, hair oil can be used as a heat protectant. Aside from this, you can always drop a small amount of hair oil into your locks whenever they feel dry. Hair Oil is a real all-rounder for your hair!

Must Have Product: Hair Oil, Salon Ziba
The Best Hair Oils 

At Salon Ziba NYC, you can find a wide range of professional hair care brands which offer high quality hair oils. Here is a selection of our favorite products : 


Get Your Hair Oil

You don’t have hair oil yet? Let’s change that for you! Give us a visit at either Salon Ziba location in New York City, and let our stylists help you find the perfect products for your hair. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon in our Midtown or Downtown salon!