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Have you already tried the latest Kerastase in-salon treatment Kerastase KWater? Now’s your chance to do so! Salon Ziba offers you a free KWater treatment with any booked service for the entire month of September! In order to get to know the innovative Kerastase treatment better, below we’ve answered all the questions you might have. Read on, learn everything you need to know, book your appointment at Salon Ziba and secure your free KWater treatment!


What Is KWater?

KWater is Kerastase’s latest addition to their line of exclusive in-salon hair treatments. Thanks to a revolutionary Lamellar technique the product instantly pampers your hair. Once in contact with water, KWater resurfaces your healthy locks and creates a flawless, silky texture. Your hair will be left shinier and softer than ever before, just within seconds! 


When Should I Use KWater?

You can use KWater whenever you feel your hair needs an extra boost of shine. We especially love that the treatment transforms your locks instantly. That means you don’t need to plan a lot of extra time when visiting Salon Ziba as the product allows you to enjoy an immediate effect on your hair!

Kerastase KWater FAQ, Salon Ziba

How Often Should I Use KWater?

You can come in for a KWater treatment as often as you like as the product doesn’t build up on your hair. We recommend consulting your stylist in order to find out how often is best for your hair type. Simply stop by at Salon Ziba and find out!


Can KWater Be Paired With Other Treatments?

Kerastase KWater is designed to replace your normal hair care routine’s treatment, like hair masks or Kerastase Fusio Dose. Thanks to its unique, powerful technology there’s no need for any other products that deeply treat your hair when using KWater. Your hairdresser will simply apply KWater after shampooing, rinse it out and you’re ready to go!

Does Kerastase KWater Contain Silicones?

Kerastase KWater is absolutely silicone free. It’s also free of waxes and any other ingredients that are likely to weigh your hair down. The special formula ensures to provide you a flawless, lightweight finish with some extra glow!


What Type Of Hair Is Kerastase KWater Good for?

Kerastase KWater is beneficial for every type of hair. There are no limits. Whether you have curly hair, long hair, short hair, thick hair, thin hair or colored hair – the brand new treatment can be used on every hair type. If you have any concerns, you can simply ask your stylist before applying the product!


Try It

Are you ready to give the new treatment a try and shine? Book your appointment at Salon Ziba NYC now in our Downtown or Midtown Salon. You can use our online booking option or give us a call. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon and giving you this treatment absolutely free!