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Chronologiste Gift Set

The Kérastase Chronologiste hair gift set combines the Bain Chronologiste Shampoo and the Créme Chronologiste Hair Mask with a selected scented candle.

The hair products included provide ultimate revitalizing care. Because of this, Chronologiste hair care products transform the hair from scalp to ends, producing shine and softness and bounce in a luxurious sensory experience.

Bain Revitalisant Chronologiste Shampoo

Bain Revitalisant Chronologiste the most concentrated shampoo ever created by Kerastase to cleanse devitalized hair from scalp to the ends. This shampoo deeply cleanses scalp impurities and smooths the hair fiber. Finally, the Chronologiste shampoo brings softness, shine and a velvet touch to the fibers to revitalize hair and strengthen hair.

Kérastase Chronologiste Gift Set, Salon Ziba
Creme Chronologiste Hair Mask

Crème Chronologiste is the Kérastase hair mask that combines the highest concentration of active ingredients delivering total hair and scalp renewal. It deeply treats devitalized hair and is designed for those who need to restore their hair, are facing signs of aging, or for anyone just looking to bring a powerful revitalizing look to their hair. Finally, the hair mask strengthens and stimulates cellular renewal while revitalizing the scalp for a purifying effect on the hair. After using the Créme Chronologiste hair mask, the hair is left lightweight, energized with a soft touch, and shiny.

Kérastase Chronologiste Gift Set, Salon Ziba
Chronologiste Candle

This exclusive candle is made with paraffin, hydrogenated seed oil and shea butter. You can complete the unique experience of the Kerastase Chronologiste hair care routine while relaxing with candlelight after a shower and take in the elegantly scented blend.

Your Kerastase Christmas hair gift set combines two hair products with luxurious advanced technology to give your hair some extra love. The Chronologiste hair care routine can be used for all hair types. It purifies and cleanses the scalp, smoothes and strengthens the fibers, regains vitality, regenerates the scalp and energizes the fibers. Therefore, your hair will be left healthy, light, and great looking!

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