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New season, new hair problems… We all know that whenever the seasons change, our hair care routine must change with it in order to keep our locks healthy, strong and beautiful. Well, ‘tis the season, and it’s already time to prepare your hair for the cold winter months ahead! So read on to learn what it is you can do to avoid any kind of damage, and have stunning hair all year long!
Get a trim The first step to prepare your locks for the cold month is getting a trim. It’s time to get rid of any summer damage, such as dry ends and splits. A trim won’t take you too long at the salon or change the length of your mane significantly, but can still make a huge difference. A tip for the ones who tend to forget visiting the salon on a regular basis: set a notification in your phone to  remind you to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. During the winter, getting regular cuts will be even more essential to keep your hair healthy!
How to prepare your locks for the cold month, Salon Ziba
Change your hair care products The winter season will certainly do its best to dry your hair out, which is why autumn is the perfect time to start changing your hair care routine and amping up the moisture. We recommend using a highly nourishing product line, such as Kerastase Nutritive, you can find on our online store, or inside any of our locations.  Perfect for shoppers heading over to the new Nordstrom opening on October 24th, only a short distance away from Salon Ziba’s flagship on 57th Street in Manhattan.
Seal your ends  Hair oil can do wonders for your hair! It does not only help keep the moisture inside, but will also provide an added layer of protection against the harsh environment. Most of the oils also provide heat protection and prevent hair breakage. Luxurious brands like Kerastase or Shu Uemura Art Of Hair offer different hair oils to provide the perfect match for every hair type!
How to prepare your locks for the cold month, Salon Ziba
Take care of your scalp The condition of your scalp determines the condition of your hair. A healthy scalp circulation keeps your scalp’s natural oil production going strong which is essential for maintaining moisture and hydration during the cold months. Furthermore, it will boost hair growth and ensure healthy hair by bringing more nutrients to the hair follicles. Discover new products that will help take care of your scalp here!
Eat healthy You are what you eat – and your hair is the result of your nutrition.  That’s why it’s so important to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help your hair grow and stay healthy. Oh, and don’t forget to drink enough water. It’s all about hydration, try to get your eight glasses a day!   Are you ready to start? Let’s start preparing your locks for the cold months! Book your appointment at Salon Ziba to get a fresh cut and kick off the new season. Our stylist will answer all the questions you might have and help you find the matching hair care products for your hair. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon in one of our salons!