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“Who does not love a good hat? As we head further into this frigid winter season, a hat is a basic necessary. Problem is your hat does not care about hair or the amount of time you put into making it look presentable.

Hat hair has been the downfall of many great styles but you can fight back!

Our talented Ilda has selected 3 hair products that can help you in a spritz fight back, Oribe texturizing spray, Kerastase VIP texturizing spray, and Salon Ziba’s hair care own texturizing spray.

Yes Texturizing hair spray will be all you need to restore some body and shape into your hair after you have worn a hat.

Ilda recommends you do not comb or use a brush “it will just make it static and flat” she says, instead with your own hand and a little bit of texturizing spray, brush and fluff your hair into shape and voila!

All come in travel sizes so you can carry them all day.

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