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There are so many reasons to try new hair products, especially with the changing seasons.  Change in temperature and humidity means change in how you take care of your hair, and what products you should be using. Not to mention finding the perfect color to keep up with fall trends!

Hair Products Near Me

You may think it wise to get all your shopping done at once: pick up some food, toiletries, box of hair dye and shampoo… but wait, stop right there!

Show Your Hair Some Love

If you truly care about your hair (and if you’re reading this article, we assume you do!), you need to know that all hair products are not created equal.  Beauty brands abound, and sometimes the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming.

This is why it’s so important to consult an expert.  Trial and error is a good way to solve a lot of problems, but when it comes to your hair, you want to minimize the risk of long term damage as much as possible. Finding a store that specializes in hair products is definitely a step up from buying your dye at a grocery store, but for the best possible experience, there’s absolutely nothing better than a consultation at a salon.

Your Best Solution

Our team of stylists is extremely knowledgeable and ready to give you a consultation at any time about the perfect shampoo, conditioner, or product for your unique hair. They all have an experienced background in hair care, and your hair’s health and longevity is their top priority.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. We’ve even got answers to questions you may not have thought to ask – which hair products work well when used together on my kind of hair? Can I use this shampoo every day? Where can I find quality hair products in NYC?

We can answer that last question for you right now: Salon Ziba, of course! We carry only the finest hair products from the most discerning beauty brands. From world renowned quality beauty brands such as Oribe, Kerastase, Aveda, and Shu Uemura, to our own line of expertly crafted Salon Ziba Hair Care products; you can rest easy knowing only the finest ingredients are going in your hair.

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Let Us Welcome You to Our Salon

So, forget about blindly grabbing whatever product is on an eye-level shelf just to get shopping over with. If you spend just a little more effort to consult with us, we’ll give you our maximum effort to ensure you’re leaving with the absolute perfect solution for perfect hair!

For directions on how to reach us easily, press the button below. Or, for an example of some of the products we offer in-salon, take a peek at our online store. We hope to see you soon!