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The start of a new season is the right time to make a change in your hair color. Summer and spring have been about bright, sun-kissed strands and funky colors – but come fall, experts expect a move toward cosy tones and warmer hues. Our team of hairstylists and colorists compiled a list of the fall 2022 hair color trends you’ll be seeing on your social feeds and in person. Get inspired for your next color appointment at Salon Ziba!

Sparkling Champagne

Fall’s most popular shade, Sparkling Champagne! This shade of blonde is the perfect blend of gold blonde and icy blonde. A warm root melted into this bright beige blonde with a golden undertone looks like a glass of champagne.


This warm and rich brunette shade sparkles in the light and creates endless depth when blended with highlights and lowlights. It is a stunning colormelt that is perfect for those who are not ready to commit. By combining brown with some lighter hues, you get the best of both worlds. The hues blend so well together you don’t have to choose.

Pearl Blonde

It’s a good time to be Pearl Blonde right now. The fall is the best time to transition your blonde from summer’s golden tones to the fall’s cooler tones. This particular tone is interesting because it’s neither ashy nor golden, but straight down the middle.

Two Tone

The two-tone trend is still going strong, and we are here for it! The beauty of this style is its versatility – you can have thick or thin strands, light or dark, as you wish. If you are looking for something with a bit of edge this fall, this is perfect for you. It is super trendy as well as not insanely high-maintenance.

Wheat Blonde

You’ll love this shade of blonde if you’re looking for a more low-key blonde! With a perfect blend of warmth and brightness, it will give you soft beach vibes all fall long. Toning down your blonde can be as easy as using a toner, or you can bleach it completely. Regardless of how the bleaching is achieved, your colorist will use ash and warmth toners to give you this muted blonde look.

Golden Red

Autumn is the time for amber, copper, and golden reds – anything with bright & striking colors. Prepare yourself for compliments when you wear this eye-catching red. Your colorist can help you achieve this shade by kicking up the pigmen – but remember there is nothing subtle or low-maintenance about this look.

Midnight Brunette

We love any hair color that gives us “princess of darkness” vibes. There is an instant sense of sophistication and edge when you wear this cooler-toned brunette. It is especially great for clients who had lighter hair in the summer, as it gives you the chance to show a different side of yourself!


Looking for something brighter for fall, but don’t want to go full on blonde, but instead want to go more subtle? Then this melted caramel color is for you! Imagine pale brown with touches of gold or cinnamon. A balayage with this color creates the prettiest middle ground between blonde and chocolate brown.

Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are a great option for blonde hair, since they blend any regrowth into the dye job, resulting in fewer appointments with your colorist. By feathering the root to a deeper tone and gradually lightening the mid-shaft and ends, you’ll achieve this trendy low-maintenance look!

Make sure your stylist knows you want shadow roots or show them this photo, as the old-school ombre maye result in you looking like you need your roots done!


Are you looking for a change from your blonde hair without straying too far from your golden locks? Rose is your answer! Especially for fall, a rose-colored hue goes well with the cooler tones of the season. This darker pink hue is halfway between red and magenta. Ask your stylist for a rose-gold gloss or a demi-permanent rose-toned fashion color on your next appointment!


Copper hair is a fall favorite. There are plenty of bold and bright color trends to choose from, but there’s still room for a rich, coppery tone. The beauty of this color is that it is actually quite easy to achieve without seriously damaging your hair. It’s a single application and easy to refresh. Make sure to stick to a hue two to three shades off from your natural color.


With shiny, yet subtle golden highlights, you can achieve this gorgeous shimmery  warm hue. Your fall days will be filled with summer memories with this warm honey glow. You will be a regular sunbeam for everyone around you!