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Are you tired of the gray winter weather and looking forward to getting some vitamin D? If you’re lucky enough to take a break from the cold months and sneak to a sunny beach vacation, make sure to pack the right hair care essentials into your suitcase. Climate change and salt water can not only be crucial for your skin, but also for your hair. Read on and get to know what to bring on your well deserved getaway in order to enjoy healthy and beautiful locks!

Hair Care Essentials for Your Winter Getaway, Salon Ziba

Beach Waves

Beach waves are our favorite look when going on vacations. If you want to achieve perfect waves instead of frizzy, dry and knotted hair after spending the day at the beach, we always recommend helping with some styling products. Our own Salon Ziba Chic Surf Sea Salt Spray  does not only add texture to your dry locks, but also transforms wet hair into perfect waves. The spray will let your hair look gorgeous all vacation long and even keep up the perfect beach look once you’re back in the cold!

Night Serum 

Let’s be honest: the last thing you’ll want to spend time with when on vacation are hair care routines that take hours. Therefore, a must have for your winter getaway is the Kerastase 8 H Magic Night Serum. The precious ingredients of the serum help you fight against dry and damaged hair without any additional manual effort. You simply apply a small amount of the night serum to damp or dry hair in the evening and let the product do its magic while you’re asleep. The next morning you’ll wake up with healthier and stronger hair and start the day with perfect locks. Another plus: as the night serum only contains 90ml, you can even pack it with your carryon and use it on long, overnight flights!

Hair Care Essentials for Your Winter Getaway, Salon Ziba

Freshen Up 

If you want to remove odors and excess oils from your hair, but don’t have time to wash, our Salon Ziba Dry Cleaner is your go-to product. Within seconds, you can turn your bad hair into good hair and make your hair look freshly washed. Simply shake the spray, apply it evenly to your roots and massage it in. You’ll have fresh and voluminous hair!

Hair Care Essentials for Your Winter Getaway, Salon Ziba

Leave-in Conditioner 

The way you protect your skin with sunscreen at the beach, is the same as how you should protect your locks. Leave-in conditioners are perfect for this purpose. Besides protecting your hair, they repair it at the same time and ensure optimal nourishment. Depending on your type of hair, Kerastase offers a wide range of leave-in conditioners. Here are our favorites: 

Get Your Hair Care Essentials

Once you have all the winter getaway hair care essentials, you’re ready to start your vacation! Visit us at Salon Ziba and take advantage of our special offer: buy any 3 products (or more) and receive a 20% discount. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon in our Downtown or Midtown Salon!