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Great Lengths was founded in 1991 in London. Now, more than 25 years later, their luxury extensions can be found in over 50 countries around the world and countless salons, including Salon Ziba. Great Lengths is known as the leader in the world of hair extensions due to its safe, long lasting and easy hair extensions application. If you’re thinking about getting extensions for your hair, read on to get to know everything you need to know about Great Lengths!   Quality & Origin  Great Lengths extensions consist of 100% human hair from India. In order to provide the best quality possible, every strand of hair is manually selected, tested and only used if it matches the required standards. All strands are donated voluntarily with full consent of the person it comes from. Furthermore, a fair price is paid for the hair and an exclusive, controlled production is provided.   Production  Once the hair is bought, the Indian raw hair is washed, brushed and sorted by color and shades. After this, its shipped to Italy for further process. Once it arrives in Italy, the hair is inspected again to ensure the donated hair is healthy and all the cuticles are intact. After this, color pigments from the raw hair are removed by a special osmosis process and the hair gets dyed with permanent color and joined into small strands. The result is a wide range of different intensive colored hair extensions with a natural shine.
Application & Removal  The Great Lengths Extensions used at Salon Ziba are tape-in or bonding extensions. This means two strands of extensions are taped around your own, natural hair or bonded to it with a Keratin bond. By doing so, your stylist achieves incredible natural looking results that last for up to 8 weeks. Your hair will be more voluminous, thicker and longer in a few steps! If you don’t want to wear your extensions any longer, your stylist can simply remove them and you can keep them for the next time you feel like reapplying them.
Great Lengths Extensions, Salon Ziba

Hair Care 

Great Lengths extensions are made out of natural hair, and therefore you can basically treat them like your own locks if you pay attention to some basics: 

  • Don’t wash your hair too often (twice a week is enough).
  • Brush/ comb your hair gently and on a daily basis.
  • Squeeze your hair when drying it, don’t rub. 
  • Use special hair care after being in the sun or the pool. 
  • Braid your hair before sleeping to avoid tangles.
Great Lengths Extensions, Salon Ziba
Colors & Hair Types Great Lengths Extensions are available in a variety of shades and colors for all hair types. It’s almost impossible to not find a matching color in the wide range of options. If you ever consider changing your haircolor, it’s possible to color your extensions once they’re applied. Always remember : don’t color your extensions yourself! It’s always best to consult your stylist for major changes regarding your extensions.
Get your extensions Are you ready to get your extensions done at Salon Ziba? Here you’ll find the highest quality extensions for your hair. Besides Great Lengths Extensions, you can also find the well known brand Bellami at Salon Ziba. Thanks to the variety of extensions offered in our salon, we can assure to find the perfect match for your unique locks. Our stylists know exactly how to achieve the best results for every type and length of hair! If you’re interested in learning more about getting extensions at Salon Ziba, check out our other blogs on this topic. We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon in our Downtown or Midtown salon!