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What is Breakage?

     The hair strands we see laying around can be caused by breakage and not from shedding. Usually, broken strands are shorter than the hair fall from the roots, as strands might not break directly at the root level. Hair fall due to breakage is frequently linked to lifestyle factors.


Tips on Reducing Hair Fall Due to Breakage


Use the Right Product

     Ask your stylist to help determine your level of hair fall and choose the best ritual for you. Kerastase Fusio Dose Genesis will keep the hair and scalp healthy and strengthen the fibers to keep hair fall at a minimum.


Fighting Hair Fall Due to Breakage, Salon Ziba
Fighting Hair Fall Due to Breakage, Salon Ziba

Blow Dry Gently, Please

     Styling is fine, but use care and keep heat settings low. If you blowdry often, we recommend a heat protectant, such as Genesis Defense Thermique.


For Tight Hairstyles, Use Care


     Tight hairstyles can be fun and trendy, but if you use them, change them up. A severe bun or tight braid is fine but putting traction on the hair all the time will weaken the root and cause hair fall.

Don’t Be Afraid of Hair in Your Brush

     We lose between 40 to 100 strands of hair per day, so on it’s own, it’s nothing to worry about. But using the right hairbrush can provide added benefits to fight breakage. Salon Ziba’s Ulta Lightweight Ceramic Ion Round Hairbrush is coated in ceramic, which heats up quickly and evenly, and shortens the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat from the blow dryer. Ceramic hairbrushes also emit negative ions, which repair and seal damaged hair cuticles and lock in the hair’s natural oils for a smooth, shiny blow out. (Added benefit: negative ions counteract positive ions in hair, to eliminate static electricity, which causes flyaway and frizzes!) 

Fighting Hair Fall Due to Breakage, Salon Ziba