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Many women are wisely embracing their natural strands and the results are looking
downright fabulous!

While icons like Meryl Streep, Cicely Tyson, and Sharon Osborne can make the
transformation look easy and effortless, our color experts here at Salon Ziba would warn that these
transformations can often take multiple sessions and may even require a little help to look natural.

Either enhanced with a few balayages or glosses to correct the color to the right shades, or sometimes using texturizing services like Brazilian Blow Out or Cezanne to control wiry grey hair, a
consultation with a professional before making these changes is always a good solution to avoid surprises. Read on to see how silky shades can inspire fresh looks for the upcoming seasons.

Meryl Streep

Let’s be honest – this woman can do no wrong. Her fearless approach to style is something we can all look up to. Adorning sterling roots with sandy baylayage accents, this timeless combination embraces the future without overlooking the past. Our experts at Salon Ziba are ready with the tools, the skills, and the vision to give a seamless seasonal spring to those elegant grays.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Grey Hair, Salon Ziba
Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Grey Hair, Salon Ziba

Cicely Tyson

Even at 96, Cicely Tyson strides confidently on the forefront of fashion. Ever-captivating and consistently dynamic, she’s seen lately sporting graceful silver bobs and trimmed gradient layers with dark undertones. An icon since the 1960’s, her look has never stopped evolving, commanding exactly the kind of attention and respect she’s undeniably earned – as bold and inspiring as ever before. If age denotes wisdom, she’s the oracle.

Sharon Osbourne

This dynamo of empowerment has rocked an iconic crimson red ever since we can remember. Just weeks ago, she debuted a new white-platinum look, captivating onlookers with lively vigor. Rather than re- coloring her reds on a weekly basis, Sharon’s opted for straight-up platinum tones that work with her style. She’s proof that grays are something to be embraced, enlivened, and embellished – not covered up!

Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Grey Hair, Salon Ziba

Our experts spin silver strands into age-defying styles. So, whether you’ve earned them or not, grey hairs provide amazing opportunities for our artists to incorporate subtle tones, eye-catching highlights, and transformational takes on classic cuts. There’s never been a better time to visit us at Salon Ziba NYC and let us help you love your natural hair color. Follow the trend and embrace your natural beauty!