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New Year’s makeovers are still high on demand – not only at Salon Ziba, but also in the world of celebrities. Everyone is looking for changes, the kind that helps you shine in a new light. Other than amazing haircuts and traditional looks, funky hair colors are trending more than ever. Are you craving a bold, new hair color for your style as well? We’ve collected the most beautiful funky colors celebrities have shown off in 2020 so far. Read on and get inspired!

Celebrity Styles 2020: Funky Hair Colors, Salon Ziba

Bold Pink

Pink hair has always been one of our favorites, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down this year. A few days ago, Lady Gaga presented her pink locks in an interview with Oprah. The vibrant color looks absolutely stunning on her and is a great choice for everyone! Nor only for women, but also for men. Justin Bieber followed the trending pink hairstyle as well. You can see him rocking his new look in his latest music video!

Celebrity Styles 2020: Funky Hair Colors, Salon Ziba

Yellow Hair

Yellow hair?! Yes, yellow hair! This trend has been around for a few months already, but now there’s no way to ignore it anymore. Even Kylie Jenner is showing off the vibrant, mood enhancing color and is looking more than stunning. We’re definitely in love with this trend and can’t wait to see some of our clients with this funky, rich hair color!

Celebrity Styles 2020: Funky Hair Colors, Salon Ziba

Green Roots 

Billie Eilish is known for her extravagant, unique styles and her colorful locks. When talking about celebrities with funky hair colors, it’s impossible to leave Billie out! The singer was seen with a strong mix of black hair and green roots. The extreme contrast of colors makes this hairstyle look extremely cool and stylish. Would you dare to go for this look?

Celebrity Styles 2020: Funky Hair Colors, Salon Ziba

Pink Tips

Demi Lovato basically turned Billie Eilish’s hairstyle around and colored her tips instead of her roots. This style is perfect for anyone who wants to give funky colors a try, without fully committing to a drastic change of style. Whether you go for the fiery combination of pink and black, like Demi, or for pretty much any other combination: the results will look amazing.  Get creative and find your favorite color combo!

Celebrity Styles 2020: Funky Hair Colors, Salon Ziba

Minty Dream

Nyane Lebajoa is the queen of extravagant, colorful hairstyles. She changes her hair color like dresses and impresses us nearly every week with a new look. Her latest creation is this beautiful pastel look. The mix of mint, purple and a shiny grey lets her look like a fairy and is the perfect mix for every season. Are you ready to get this dreamy look? Give us a call to book your appointment or use our online booking option!

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