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Let’s be honest: who doesn’t dream of looking as stunning as a celebrity? This season, it’s your time to shine. The blunt bob has been famous for several decades, but thanks to celebrities like Celine Dion and Kristen Bell, it’s booming this winter. The beautiful style is suitable for nearly every face shape and not as hard to maintain as it might look. In combination with a gorgeous shade of blonde, the hairstyle makes the perfect look for the holiday season. With the right tips and tricks, there’s nothing holding you back from trying this trendy look!

Celebrity Style Of The Month: Blonde Blunt Bob, Salon Ziba

Benefits Of The Blunt Bob 

If you’re daring to cut your hair shorter than usual, the straight blunt cut is a hairstyle you should consider. The short and edgy style is seen all over our social media feeds and several TV shows for a reason: the hairstyle is simply stunning. A blunt cut will make your hair look thicker, stronger and healthier and can be worn on every occasion. Most of the blunt cuts, like the ones of Celine Dion and Kristen Bell, are worn as a straight and sleek look to show off the accuracy of the cut. What’s even better about the blunt bob hairstyle, is that you can get creative with the look if you wanted to change things up.  For example, waves, curls or braided styles all complement the blunt bob hair cut beautifully. This look is truly an allrounder!

Celebrity Style Of The Month: Blonde Blunt Bob, Salon Ziba

Get The Look

The blunt bob is a high precision cut and requires an experienced stylist to achieve the accurate lines.  In order to achieve a beautiful, natural looking shade of blonde, we recommend going for highlights instead of a single process color. Highlights will make your haircolor look way more natural and add beautiful reflections to your locks. Our stylists at Salon Ziba like to create this look at the salon with heavy foiled highlights using our favorite lightener L’Oréal Blonde Studio Multi Techniques. By adding the bond builder Olaplex, we ensure to keep your locks strong and healthy during the coloring process. For a shadow root and a beautiful natural blonde, our stylists’ choice is Dia Light by L’Oréal Professionnel. Besides this, we also use Redken Shade EQ depending on the texture, translucency, and color choice. You can book your appointment via phone or online. In order to make sure to get exactly the look you desire, don’t hesitate to bring a picture of the look you desire!

Celebrity Style Of The Month: Blonde Blunt Bob, Salon Ziba

How To Maintain The Blonde Blunt Bob 

The first step towards maintaining the gorgeous look is to stop by at Salon Ziba for regular cuts. In order to maintain your hairstyle’s shape and keep its accurate lines, it’s important to trim it every 3-4 weeks. To maintain the color, you may use a specific product line designed for blonde locks without sulfates. In our opinion, the perfect match is Kerastase Absolu.  All of the products will help you keep your blonde bright and shiny and avoid a yellow tone. For ultimate straightness, our stylist Tonya recommends a Cezanne Ultimate Blonde Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment. The treatment will transform your locks into a shinier, smoother and more manageable version and avoids frizz.

Book your appointment We can’t wait to welcome you at Salon Ziba and style you with this trendy celebrity look! Give us a call to book your appointment or use our online booking option. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon in or Downtown or Midtown salon!