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Summer is finally here! With so many amazing adventures and beach days waiting for you this summer, the last thing you want to spend time with is worrying about fragile and dry hair. Color services, heat styling techniques, sunlight, sea salt, and chlorine from swimming pools are just some of the effects that can make you end up with damaged and frizzy hair. Fortunately, there are treatments like Olaplex to help you beat unhealthy summer hair. Our Olaplex in-salon treatment minimizes breakage and strengthens your hair within only 20-30 minutes. Best of all: Olaplex lasts for up to 6 weeks and allows you to enjoy fabulous hair all summer long! Click here to see a demonstration of the treatment and read on to learn more about Olaplex!
Beat Damaged Summer Hair With Olaplex, Salon Ziba
About Olaplex All Olaplex products are silicone, sulfate, and aldehyde free and have never been tested on animals. Also, it’s available in different forms: you can get an Olaplex treatment within your color service or enjoy it as a separate service. Thanks to its precious, patented ingredients, Olaplex multiplies the disulfide bonds in your hair and repairs disulfide bonds that broke due to chemical, thermal or mechanical services. The results are stronger, shinier and healthier locks and a color that lasts longer. As the in-salon treatment takes you only around 20-30 minutes and can be done within your color service, it’s perfect for every lifestyle. Don’t forget: the summer is the most damaging season for your hair, the risks for frizzy and dry hair are high. Therefore Olaplex is great to repair your hair and protect it from further damage during the hot months!
Get your Olaplex treatment  Your hair is 90% of your beach selfie, take care of it properly! Ask your stylist about an Olaplex treatment the next time you visit us at Salon Ziba or book your appointment online to get the best out of your locks. We’re sure you’ll love this easy treatment and its great results!