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About Carlos

For many years, Master Stylist Carlos has been a member of our talented Salon Ziba team. In our Greenwich Village salon, he provides beautiful styles for his clients on a daily basis. As a Kerastase Ambassador and a specialist for smoothing treatments, he knows exactly how to maintain healthy hair, what to do against split ends and frizz, and how to find you the perfect hairstyle. Read on to get some insider tips for your hair from Carlos!

How to find the perfect hairstyle

Whether you’re looking for some small changes or something more dramatic, a haircut is never “just a haircut”. Your hairstyle is also a reflection of your personality and shows who you are. Carlos knows a new haircut has to be something you really like and are comfortable with. Have a look at the styles he’s created in order to get some inspiration and find out what you like!

All About Maintaining Hair with Carlos, Salon Ziba
All About Maintaining Hair with Carlos, Salon Ziba
All About Maintaining Hair with Carlos, Salon Ziba
All About Maintaining Hair with Carlos, Salon Ziba

How often should I cut my hair?

In order to maintain your hair properly, you have to make sure to cut the split ends off regularly. Even if you follow all the hair-care rules, your ends will break at some point due to wear and tear. Imagine: your hair grows on average half an inch in a month. That means if you have hair that’s six inches long, the ends are a year old. If your hair reaches your shoulders, the oldest parts are around 2 years old. The longer your hair gets, the older your ends will be, and the risk of split ends increases as old hair dries out over time and is more likely to break. Carlos definitely recommends to check on your hair regularly and cut the split ends off every 4 to 6 weeks in order to keep your hair healthy.

How do I recognize damaged hair and what can I do against it?

Damaged hair can be a nightmare for even the best of us. In case you’re not sure if your hair could already be damaged, Carlos has some tips. The first thing to watch out for is frizz. Frizzy hair does not align with the surrounding hair, stands up or curls independently and creates a fuzzy, irregular texture.

Another feature of damage is tangled hair. If you recognize your hair suddenly starting to change and notice it’s not as smooth as it used to be, you should definitely check to see if it’s damaged.

In order to prevent your hair from damage, Carlos recommends a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners ensure your hair is properly nourished, protect from damage throughout the day, and provide protection when blowdrying. See some of our favorite recommendations here:

Smoothing treatment

Our Cezanne Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary treatment that smooths hair, repairs damaged locks, and frees your hair from frizz. Carlos loves our Cezanne treatment and is an expert on its application! With a formaldehyde-free formula, Cezanne Anti-Frizz gently repairs damaged hair and works on every type of hair. With this treatment, you strengthen your hair and give it a healthier and smoother look for three to five months!

Book your Appointment With Carlos

No matter what your concerns may be about your hair, Carlos will help you! Schedule an appointment with him and get your fresh look, a simple touch up, find the perfect hair care routine for your hair, or treat your hair with a smoothing treatment. We hope to welcome you soon at Salon Ziba!