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About Emily

Emily is a Kérastase Paris brand ambassador and provides us at Salon Ziba with everything we need regarding Kérastase products. She’s always keeping us updated about new products and how to use them. In our interview with her, she shared her knowledge with us and revealed some insider tips and tricks. Read on to get to know more.

What makes Kérastase products so special?

Emily tells us that Kérastase products are so special because Kerastase is a prescriptive brand. There are always new, innovative products launched that have never been on the market like this before. Kérastase is the number one brand when it comes to revolutionary and futuristic technologies and hair care products. Besides this, because of their wide range of products, there is the right hair care for every type of hair!

Which product line was recently launched?


Kerastase’s latest launch is the Blond Absolu product line. All the products are designed for blonde hair and help you keep your locks bright and shiny. This line was designed with blondes in mind, in order to reduce brassiness and keep your blonde color looking fresh for as long as possible. We can assure you, you’ll love the entire line!
All about Kérastase products with brand ambassador Emily, Salon Ziba

Which one is the perfect Kerastase shampoo for my hair?

In order to find the perfect shampoo for your hair’s needs, Emily recommends having a Kerastase diagnosis. The innovative technology analyzes your hair with the help of a special camera and an app in order to find the matching shampoo for you. Our stylists at Salon Ziba love this innovation and can assure that it tells you exactly what’s best for your locks!

Which product is a summer must-have?

For the summer there are a few products that you should consider to keep your hair looking good and healthy during the hot season. First of all, the Kérastase Soleil product line is a must-have. The products are specially designed to treat your hair after being in the sun. If you want to get some beach waves into your hair, Emily recommends Eau De Vagues sea salt leave-in mist. To treat your hair with a little moisture while you’re sunbathing you should use Creme Magistral.

Which product is a must-have for everyone?

Kérastase offers many solutions for different hair types, but there is one product that can’t be missing in anyone’s collection Elixir Ultime L’Huile Original Hair Oil. The deep nourishing oil transforms your hair immediately, creating shine and softness. With its heat protection, it’s also perfect to use before styling your hair with hot tools.
All about Kérastase products with brand ambassador Emily, Salon Ziba

Is there a Kerastase treatment you’d recommend?

At Salon Ziba, you can get a personalized Fusio Dose treatment. Depending on your hair’s needs, a special formula is mixed. The treatment transforms your hair in only ten minutes into a healthier version!


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Kerastase and Salon Ziba focus on luxurious customer experience. All our stylists know the different products very well and will help you with the use of the Kérastase diagnosis technology to find the routine that matches your hair type. You can find a wide range of Kérastase products in our online shop and in our Downtown Salon or Midtown Salon.