We sat down with Salon Ziba Master Colorist, J.D., to discuss this trend and the increased demand over the past few seasons.

“Because of social media, we’ve all been exposed to very different hair color and our ideas of ‘acceptable hair color’ is expanding. On my Facebook and Instagram feed, I often see beautiful woman with deep blue or vibrant pink hair. Not only am I used to it, I find the options exciting and inspiring. But this wasn’t always the case.

In the 90’s, if you had dyed you hair blue, most likely you ended up with dull, greenish hair after a few shampoos.

Today, the leading brands in the industry are using new technologies and improved dyes to make hair color more intense and longer lasting. Its’s easier for qualified colorists to achieve the desired result, while most importantly, upholding the integrity of the hair. Edgy hair colors can now be maintained like any other hair color.”

We’re also seeing a dramatic shift in the types of people seeking bold hair colors. No longer confined to the Lower East Side, if done artistically and professionally, you can wear it to the local PTA meeting!”

Salon Ziba uses L’Oreal hair color, Pravana Vivids and Redken City Beat to achieve the best hue for your hair.