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There’s no better time to go blonde than the summer! Everyone loves having bright hair during the summer season and to be honest: blonde hair just looks way too amazing in the sun. In order to achieve this beautiful look, being blonde is also hard work. If you don’t want your hair to be frizzy and dry, or have a yellow undertone, you have to take care of your bleached locks properly. Whether you’ve recently gone blonde or have been bleaching your hair for many years, here are some tips that will help you get the best out of your blonde!   Olaplex There’s no way to get around it: bleaching damages your hair. Therefore, you should ask your stylist to use Olaplex. The bond multiplier protects your locks from damage and repairs broken bonds of your hair. Olaplex definitely makes a difference and helps significantly to keep your hair healthy and strong after the bleaching process. Click here to see a demonstration of a full Olaplex treatment.
Tips on How to Maintain Bleached Blonde Hair, Salon Ziba
Use the right products Bleach blonde is known for color shifting and can turn into yellow if you do not use some special hair care products. To combat this effect, you should use a product line for blonde hair that neutralises brassy tones. We highly recommend Blonde Absolu products by Kerastase. All the products are specially designed for blonde hair and will ensure you keep your glow for the longest possible period of time.
Do not overwash  After your appointment, you should try to wait as long as possible before washing your hair. If you wash your hair too often, you take off essential moisture and increase the risk of your color fading away. After going blonde you’ll probably notice that your hair feels drier than normal anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to add an extra day into your normal washing schedule! Do not brush your hair wet  Brushing your hair when it’s wet isn’t good for any hair color, but especially dangerous for bleached blonde hair. When hair is wet it’s more susceptible to damage and you don’t even have to pull hard with your comb or brush to cause breakage. Therefore, you should avoid brushing your wet hair or use oil that will detangle your hair and make it easier to brush.
Masks Hair masks are essential when it comes to moisturizing your hair properly. Bleaching dries out the hair and during the summer there are many other things like sun, chloride, and sea salt that have the same effect. Hair masks help you to keep your hair nourished and healthy. In order to keep your hair bright and shiny, you should use a product specially designed for blonde hair, like Masque Ultra Violet by Kerastase.
Tips on How to Maintain Bleached Blonde Hair, Salon Ziba
Bleach your hair Book your appointment now and get your hair bleached at Salon Ziba! We offer you professional services and take every precaution to ensure your hair receives minimum damage and maximum beauty.