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The summer can be rough on our hair, and without the right care, it can get frizzy, dry and damaged easily. Kerastase Fusio-Dose is the perfect quick fix for all those who simply don’t have the time. With over 20 possible combinations, Fusio-Dose specifically targets two of your hair’s pain points. The personalized treatment transforms your hair immediately and provides healthy, shiny and strong locks within a few minutes. Read on to learn more about Kerastase Fusio-Dose!
Step 1: Analyze  Give us a visit at Salon Ziba and learn what your hair needs! With our special diagnosis technology by Kerastase, we analyze your hair and find out which combination is the perfect match for your hair. The Kerascope, a specialized camera, analyzes your hair at a microscopic level and connects to the Kerastase app to show your results. Together with your stylist you’ll have a look at your complete hair profile and learn more about your hair’s weaknesses. According to what your hair needs, you’ll find out your perfect Fusio-Dose combination.
Step 2: In-salon Treatment  To kick-off your Fusio Dose experience we recommend an in-salon treatment. Your stylist will blend a personalized mix out of a concentre and a booster, targeting your hair’s primary and secondary needs. With five boosters and four concentres Fusio Dose provides 20 different mixtures, ensuring a perfect match for anyone. Once your customized blend is ready, it just needs to be sprayed on and you can enjoy incredible results!
Step 3: Fusio Dose Home Lab  Kerastase Fusio-Dose isn’t only for salon visits; you can take your personalized treatment home! Together with your stylists, you can create your own Fusio-Dose box with four concentres and four boosters. At home, you simply blend your own mix, wash your hair, apply your treatment instead of a conditioner, and rinse it out properly. Within five minutes, Kerastase Fusio-Dose Homelab transforms your locks and you can be proud of your shinier, healthier hair.
Get your Fusio Dose Treatment Treat your hair and try Kerastase Fusio-Dose! We’re sure you’ll love the results as much as we do. Book your appointment at Salon Ziba now and try out our specialized hair analysis – you’ll be glad you did.