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Curly hair always needs some extra care in order to look great. Within the wide range of styling products designed for curly hair, it might be hard for you to pick the products that fit your hair’s needs best. In general, we recommend choosing a product line with different products that create the best results by working together, such as the Kérastase “Discipline” line. With 9 different hair care products, Kérastase provides the perfect routine for every type of hair. Read on to get to know the different products!
Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo

Bain Fluideliste is the perfect daily shampoo for curly, unmanageable, and undisciplined hair. The active ingredients clean the hair gently from root to end and restore hair fibers. This Kérastase shampoo helps prevent frizz and provides ideal movement, a natural touch, soft locks, and a supple finish.

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Cleansing Conditioner Curl Ideal

The 2-in-1 silicone and sulfate-free cleansing conditioner not only cleans your locks gently but also deeply treats your curly hair to provide control. Optimal nutrition is provided, which leads to detangling and perfectly defined curls. This innovative Kérastase product transforms your hair into the smoothest and healthiest version possible and can be used every day. Try it and enjoy beautiful, bouncing curls!

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Fondant Fluidealiste Conditioner

Fondant Fluidealiste is a conditioner for fine to normal unruly hair that’s in need of control. The light and creamy texture smooths and tames your curls without weighing them down. Active ingredients provide frizz control and manageability for your locks while adding a healthy shine and incredibly soft hair.

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Masque Curl Ideal

This deep-treating mask is designed to control over-voluminous, curly and thick hair in need of mass reduction and nutrition. Precious ingredients, like keratin and elastin agents, help to achieve manageable, defined and soft hair while preventing frizz.

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba

Maskeratine provides a deep treatment for thick and unmanageable hair in need of smoothness. Its Morpho-Keratine Complex treats the hair fibers in order to repair and prevent your locks for frizz. The mask transforms your curly hair into the softest version possible and allows you to detangle and style it easily.

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Creme Oleo-Curl

Creme Oleo-Curl is perfect for everyone looking for relaxed, but defined curls. A combination of keratin, elastin, and xylose make this creme extra special and beneficial. Besides preventing frizz and making the curls more relaxed, this creme also provides smoothness and definition. The thermal-protection makes Oleo-Curl perfect as a styling product to prepare your locks for heat-based styling tools.

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Keratine Thermique

Keratine Thermique is a protecting blow dry milk for unruly and curly hair. Thermo-protective agents in the milk provide protection from heat up to 180 degrees and assure a smooth and soft result that stays for a long time. The deep-taming milk also reduces time spent on styling and simply make your curls look gorgeous!


Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Spray Fluidissime

Spray Fluidissime is designed to smoothen and restore your hair’s fibers in order to provide frizz protection and manageability for up to 3 days. The thermo-protection ensures a faster blow dry and heat protection up to 230 degrees. Try out this lightweight spray and experience instant softness, glamorous shine, fluid hair, and controlled curls!

Kérastase Discipline Product Line, Salon Ziba
Mousse Curl Ideal

Mousse Curl Ideal is designed for light and toned curls that need some control. The lightweight mousse shapes and defines the curls without making them look unnatural. The precious ingredients enhance a bouncy, light feeling while preventing frizz and making your locks look great.

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