Urban Moisture Shampoo


Size: 300ml

The Urban Moisture Shampoo will add powerful nourishment and hydration to the hair without making it heavier. Dry hair strands will be cleansed of impurities and become protected against future damage that may cause future dryness thanks to Moringa extract and red micro-algae which stimulate cell regeneration while leaving behind a beautiful glow even on color-treated hair.



This urban moisture shampoo for dry hair nourishes & rebalances the moisture levels. All this without weighing down strands while leaving a healthy glow. Dry hair is cleansed, then purified, and protected from pollutants and against future dryness using rare ingredients like Moringa oil extract to give your hair an intense dose of hydration and purify your strands. Safe on colored hair so your hair color can thrive without sacrificing the health of your hair.


  • Cleanses dry hair.
  • Hydrates dry hair.
  • Protects against environmental pollutants.


How to use:
1. Apply a quarter-size amount of the shampoo to wet hair.
2. Massage into scalp using fingers and palms.
3. Rinse thoroughly.
*For oilier scalps, repeat steps 1-3.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz