Ultimate Reset Overnight Hair Serum


A multi-benefit night serum that repairs hair’s strength while you sleep, leaving hair smooth and shiny by morning and throughout the day.


Enhance your nighttime routine with this luxurious multi-benefit overnight hair treatment that deeply repairs damaged hair, restoring strength, smoothness and shine to hair. infused with a fusion technology of Japanese sourced rice extract and peptides that help to reverse damage caused by bleach, color, chemical services, and heat leaving hair soft, supple, with added strength by morning and benefits lasting throughout the day.


  • 3X smoother hair*
  • 95% stronger hair*
  • reduces hair breakage by 95%*
  • in one use, helps fight up to 1 year of visible surface damage on hair
  • softens and nourishes hair
  • provides hydration and shine

*when compared to non-conditioning shampoo



rice extract

for centuries, japanese women have looked to rice for its immense beautifying powers. referred to as “nuka biji” or “beautiful by the rice” japanese women cherish rice’s ability to hydrate and protect hair. our rice extract is sustainably sourced from hyogo, japan and is seen as one of the most valued forms of rice in japan. rice extract is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals increasing hairs moisture and elasticity.


known to enhance hair strength and volume, a peptide is a small protein that can easily penetrate the hair follicle helping to increase moisture and restore strength.


How to use ultimate reset overnight serum:

on dry or damp lengths and ends, apply 2-4 pumps for fine to medium hair, 4-6 pumps for medium to thick hair before bed. in the morning, proceed to style, no need to rinse as the serum will continue to deliver benefits during the day. enhance your nighttime routine with this night serum 2-3 times per week or as desired.

pro tip: after applying through mid-lengths and ends, put hair in a topknot wrapped with silk scrunchie for ultimate protection and soft waves in the morning.

Additional information

Weight 3.04 oz