Ultimate Reset Duo Hair Serum


The Ultimate Reset Duo Hair Serum provides a perfect balance between hair care and hair styling by combining healing technologies aimed at restoring very damaged hair. The serum allows for heat styling as it does not lose its effect on exposure to low heats, it also prevents split ends and provides a smooth finish allowing for easier manageability. It is the ultimate remedy for one looking for effective hair restoration.


This hair serum combines two winning technologies to strengthen very damaged hair prevent split ends prevent future hair breakage and create long-lasting shine and softness. Formulated with two different types of hair oils to give hair the ultimate hair care while leaving hair light and smooth without any greasy residue. SRS technology is a thermo-responsive innovation that can be re-activated by low-temperature heat allowing for optimum heat styling. Safe on colored hair so your hair color can thrive without sacrificing the health of your hair.


  • Strengthens very damaged hair due to frequent bleaching coloring & heat styling.
  • Promotes shiny hair. Prevents hair breakage.


1. Apply a dime-size amount of the hair serum onto the palms.
2. Gently massage onto the ends of damp or dry hair then leave in.

*Can also be used as an on-the-go touchup to prevent frizz and unmanageability.