Muroto Volume Conditioner


Size: 250ml
This lightweight conditioner is infused with Depsea water drawn from 200 meters below the oceans of Japan. For long-lasting volume, use in conjunction with Muroto Volume shampoo. After shampooing, massage into damp hair and rinse thoroughly for easy detangling.
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Muroto Volume Conditioner for fine hair gently conditions and infuses long-lasting hair volume. It creates a re-balance of natural oils and leaves strands supple with a weightless finish. The hair fiber is fortified protected against damage and is able to maintain bounce and movement. Enriched with Himalayan crystal minerals that provide shine while leaving a luscious touch. Safe on colored hair so your hair color can thrive without sacrificing the health of your hair. benefits: Conditions fine hair. Infuses long-lasting hair volume. Detangles tangled hair. Muroto Volume Conditioner is the perfect addition to any hair routine!

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Weight 8.5 oz