Color Lustre Sealer Spray


Color protecting leave-in spray for color-treated hair


Shu Uemura Color Lustre Sealer Spray is a multi-benefit leave-in spray with color preserving technology prevents color fading, smooths hair, and enhances shine for an even finish. infused with antioxidant-rich properties of japanese sake kasu and niacinamide, the spray uses new smart-sealing technology for long-lasting color and vibrancy.


  • Protects Hair Color: Keeps hair color vibrant for up to 6 weeks*.
  • Locks in Vibrancy and Shine: Helps maintain the brilliance and shine of your hair color**.
  • Reduces Fading: Minimizes color fading to prolong the life of your hair color*.
  • Enhances Hydration: Keeps hair hydrated and healthy-looking.
  • Sulfate-Free and Vegan: Gentle on the hair and scalp, free from sulfates and animal-derived ingredients***.

*Protection lasts up to 6 weeks when washing hair twice a week using the complete Color Lustre system of shampoo, conditioner or mask, and spray. **Compared to unwashed hair. ***Contains no animal-derived ingredients.

How to Use

After cleansing and nourishing hair with color lustre shampoo and conditioner or mask, apply the color sealer spray to wet or dry hair from mid-lengths to ends. do not rinse. style hair as desired

pro tip: for added moisture and heat protection, incorporate the essence absolue nourishing oil in your styling ritual

Shop the Color Lustre Collection

Discover the full range of Color Lustre products by Shu Uemura to ensure your color-treated hair remains vibrant and healthy. The collection includes complementary products such as the Color Protecting Conditioner, Mask, and Leave-In Spray, all formulated to work together to provide comprehensive care for your color-treated hair. Keep your hair looking its best with the complete Color Lustre system.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz