Cookie Policy, Salon Ziba

What are cookies?


Cookies are small pieces of data stored by your browser while you search online. They have been around for over 20 years and are a staple of modern internet navigation. Every major site these days uses cookies in order to improve the user experience and make sure that other services work correctly. If you have used Google, Facebook or Youtube before then it’s likely that you’ve been using cookies and didn’t even notice them.


Why do we need to use cookies?


We use cookies in order to provide you the best possible services. With the use of cookies we are able to have a functioning online store and make sure you don’t keep getting popups every time you open a page. Our third party partners may also place cookies in order for you to see more relevant ads to your interests. Everything we do has you, the client, in mind, first and foremost.


How to disable cookies?


If you feel the need to disable cookies you can disable them by going into your browser’s settings and security (or in some case privacy) settings. There you should be able to see options to limit or even deny cookies from all websites altogether. Please remember, that choosing to block cookies will limit your experience and certain functionalities on our website.