Muroto Volume Hydro-Texturizing Mist


Size: 100ml
This hydro-texturizing mist is infused with Depsea water drawn from 200 meters below the oceans of Japan. It provides texture and volume, while also leaving you with a natural-looking finish. Simply shake and spray onto hair before drying. For light body and texture, mist throughout hair and blowdry into the desired style. For natural-looking waves, twist your hair into the desired shape after application.
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Muroto Volume Hydro-Texturizing Mist provides texture and volume while keeping a natural look and enhancing natural movement. Infused with deepsea water the formula offers pure minerals that shape natural waves with a moveable finish. Perfect for either a full long-lasting blowout or a textured beach waves look. benefits: Infuses long-lasting hair volume. Enhances hair texture. Hydrates hair.


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