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Updated May 2019

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Put away that flat iron, forget about thermal conditioning, and don’t even think about chemical straightening!  Professionals prefer a Cezanne smoothing treatment for a multitude of reasons. Here at Salon Ziba, we’re happy to offer the safest and best possible service to keep your hair looking fantastic for months on end.

What is a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment?

Similar to a keratin treatment, a Cezanne smoothing treatment works by reintroducing protein to the hair, rebuilding lustre lost to time or harsh products.  Unlike traditional keratin treatments, however, this smoothing treatment contains NO formaldehyde.

The benefits of this are obvious – formaldehyde is a notoriously dangerous chemical. While it is of course true that precautions are taken to limit the exposure to formaldehyde during these services; wouldn’t you agree that in this case, none is better than some?

How does it work?

This method works using a special formula consisting of sericin, a type of silk. Rather than laying flat on top of the hair, this magical mixture actually wraps itself around individual strands on a molecular level, providing an incredible smoothness. One of the best parts of this formula? There’s no unpleasant odor!  

How long does a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment take?

Results vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the strength of the treatment you’re looking for, the color of your hair, and even the porousness of your hair itself. Generally, the treatment can last from anywhere between one to two hours. We’re committed to helping you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout the process!

Benefits over Traditional Methods

The list of benefits over traditional methods is honestly astounding.  Unlike regular keratin treatments, there’s no need to put restrictions on yourself for up to three weeks afterwards.  If you want, you could even get your hair colored that very same day!

Go to the gym, wash your hair, put clips in…with this fabulous treatment, you no longer have to lose control over your hair.


Of course, none of this matters if your hair doesn’t look good afterwards! The Cezanne treatment provides simply perfect results for anywhere between three and five months depending on your hair type. You can see examples of the method we’ve done in our salon below, courtesy of our own Kriss and Tonya :
There’s only one way to truly judge a treatment’s claims, and that’s to get one for yourself!  Give us a call or send us an email, and we’d be thrilled to provide this experience for you.