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You’ve made your voices heard, and we hear you loud and clear: the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment is one of your favorite services we offer this season! We want everyone to experience this outstanding smoothing technique. To help newcomers to the treatment, starting November second we’re offering 20% off your first Cezanne Smoothing Treatment!

In a previous blog post, we dove into what the treatment is, how it works, and what makes it different from traditional Keratin smoothing techniques.

There are always a few important things to consider before getting any service done. While the information below can be applied generally to anyone, consulting with one of our stylists before a treatment is always the best way to ensure you’re treating your hair right. They’ll even give you personalized tips and tricks for maintaining your hot new look for as long as possible!

We know you’ve got more questions. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment so you can arm yourself with expert knowledge, courtesy of Salon Ziba.

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How long will it last? How long should I wait before getting another?

In general, the treatment lasts for three months. However, with proper care, and depending on your hair type, your results may last for as long as up to five. That’s a whole lot of value for one session, especially considering the minimal upkeep!

I usually get traditional Keratin treatments that contain formaldehyde. Is it safe for me to get this treatment afterwards?

You can go from a previous traditional treatment to a formaldehyde-free one with no issues.  In fact, we recommend it! Once you feel like your last straightening is losing its lustre, give us a ring or send us an email so we can help you schedule a safer, easier alternative.

I have colored hair, and I’m worried this treatment won’t hold up or affect my color.

No need to worry!  The beauty of the Cezanne treatment (besides you after your service, of course) is that because of the safer, naturally derived ingredients, you can rock your fresh new color stress-free.

You can even get your hair colored the very same day!  While its 100% safe to do this before or after the treatment, we recommend getting the treatment done first and color after to prevent any color lifting.

Examples of cezanne smoothing technique
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Schedule Your Cezanne Appointment

We’re excited for you to experience this revolutionary smoothing method for yourself!  Press the button below to call for your consultation and schedule an appointment with us today, and you’ll understand why we love the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment so much.

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